Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Commercial Home Brewery

Some of my work colleagues know that I am a dedicated home brewer and very interested in local breweries, businesses and farms that support the home brewer.  Just the other day I received a small tri-fold brochure about a brewery in the Coeur D’Alene area that I was sort of impressed with.  The reason I was impressed is that the owner of the company is a Surveyor in the area and is also a home brewer, but the most impressive thing is that he has all of the licenses to operate as an actual brewery out of his home. 

The premise of his business is that he brews at home and distributes his brews by supplying 2 ½ gallon and 5 gallon kegs to his customers, which are simply contacts he has met in the community and told of his business.  He also supplies beer to parties and specializes in keg refrigeration units he has made from used refrigerators and mini fridges.  In his brochure he tells his potential customers how he only uses hops grown in North Idaho and he also explains how the fertile panhandle was created and helps to produce some of the best hops in the northwest. 

The breweries name is “Brewster’s By the Pond.”  I didn’t find a website for his business, but I expect that his four brews are of pretty good quality.  The names of his brews in the brochure are: Clagstone Cascade Ale, Hoodoo Lager, Seneacquoteen Stout and 1776.  All of those names come from the history of the Panhandle region in North Idaho as outlined in his brochure as well.  I guess I will let you know how the beer tastes once I have had a chance to quench my thirst with some of his creations.

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